Why King's Christian School?

We believe learning is a cooperative effort, which includes the partnership of teachers, parents, and children.

We are committed to providing an exceptional Christian school experience and are dedicated to the:

  • Establishment of a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment
  • Academic, social, and spiritual growth of each of our students
  • Interaction and nurturing of positive and productive relationships with our families
  • Assurance of a purposeful program that is responsive to student needs


Our Mission
Our Mission

King’s Christian School will be an equipping center, providing an excellent faith-infused education for supporting students as they grow and experience life with people, power, and purpose.

Our Vision
Our Vision
  • Growth mindset to serve PK-12
  • Incorporating flexibility and support in education to meet family and student needs
  • Providing a well-rounded, faith-based education with strong foundations in reading, writing, and math
  • Preparing our children for their future purpose
  • Supporting connections with fellow Christians
  • Operating as an extension of King’s Chapel, Wasilla